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An eye examination at Simon Goldsmith Opticians is not just a sight test. We will conduct various tests to assess the health of your eyes. Also, some health conditions can show signs in the eye. We will ensure you have the optimum prescription for your glasses to give clear, comfortable vision.

What happens during an eye examination?

The eye examination has 3 functions:
To assess how well you see and to prescribe spectacles if needed.
To check how the eyes work together (binocular vision and motility)
To check the health of your eyes and to detect any general health problems that may be evident.
...Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other eye diseases may
...be detected through an eye examination. 

Your eye examination will include:
A health history
A distance and near vision assessment 
A refractive analysis
Eye coordination and muscle balance test
Focusing ability and reflex test
Cornea and anterior eye examination
Retina, optic nerve and blood vessel examination
A peripheral vision assessment 
Visual field check and eye pressure check if required

For more information call us on tel:
01275 838 532 and we will be happy to help you with your eyecare enquiry.
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